Random Jam

Wealthy Barbarian Gardener

Started 2010-03-13 :: Ended 2010-06-01 [ Submissions 2 ]

Screenshot Use your Barbarian powers to beat thorny plants into growing so to defend your war chest from an evil spectral army of light fingered foes. Arrow keys move you left and right, and space beats the earth. Plants can be beaten on up to 5 times to upgrade them. Although there is a lot of beating on in this game I can assure you at no point does anyone get beat off!


Created by Jon
Screenshot You’re a barbarian with a penchant for trimming goblin heads. On a quest to destroy the evil Kittens of Kordok you happen across an enchanted weapon known only as The Spade, summoned through from the twin cataclysms Lightning and the Rising Mushroom of Fire. Seizing this magical weapon you set out towards your destiny… but what will it be? Your actions will define how you are remembered! Mouse controls your Spade, and click Left Mouse Button to smash!


Created by smiffy